Many of your employees use social network for private manners. What if your organization have its own social network ?

Use the power of communication technologies. Duman Isareti provides adapted communication features as well as business and strategy methods to your employees and partners. You could easily adapt efficiency and productivity features of social networking in to your organization.

Accelerate information flow

Increase the speed of information flow between your employees. Dramatically increase response time within your company regardless of your company’s size and locations. Send urgent notifications to event announcements as well as receiving feedbacks.

Improve collaboration between your employees

Provide a better communication regardless of distance between your offices/branches. Improve collaboration skills for better outcomes by saving time.

Communicate faster within your organization

Your communication has never been faster before! Improve your communication effectiveness without any interruption with immediate announcements. You could use instant messaging, conference options, meeting rooms, visual chat and many other forms of communication.

Branches/Affiliates Network Management

Duman İsareti provides efficient networking for the companies with many branches. Improve your communication with your branch/affiliate. Instead of dealing with collecting confirmations through your branches, let your branches follow your business in terms of your strategy, development, new products, sales techniques, orientations etc..

Inform your affiliates/partners

Announce your promotions/campaigns in a faster, reliable and efficient way. Use your social network for receiving feedbacks in order to improve your business strategy.

Create a corporate knowledge

You could create a corporate knowledge data with collecting and storing all the information within your networks. An extensive knowledge base data within years would be very beneficial for your company or organization.

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