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“Duman Isareti” provides you all the comfort and power of social networking based communication skills. There is no need to learn how to use a complex user interface or set of commands in order to start using the software. If you are an active user of any social network, you already have all the skills you need to have to start immediately.

Save Money, Time & Work with the most powerful way of communication.

Companies holding large number of employees have a very common problem such as creating a very efficient way of communication within the company itself. If you are working in a company which has more than 1000+ employees, you should probably have a long list of phone numbers and extensions among with first name, last name list for your emails on your desk. “Duman Isareti” is a very convenient way of communication network which holds thousands of people together in a closed network with powerful search and query options. All the employees in the company with in the networks experience the comfort and speed of this dedicated communication method.

Improve Motivation and Connect People

Social Networking is the best tool for connecting people to each other for the companies which have many employees. You can create your own community or a custom organization which you could conveniently use many communication forms with several methods. Duman Isareti develops community consciousness by its customizable features among your organization.

Move and develop your organization/community in a synchronized way.

Without proper communication within your company, it could be hardly a success at achieving your development & goals. Effective communication has a major role in the purpose of success for the companies employing many hundreds. Duman Isareti provides you the most efficient customizable social network as a handy tool for your organization.

Take the best decision by reliable and accurate information within your company in a fastest way.

Fastest communication between your organization and executives would dramatically increase the chances of the best decision for your success. Moving towards and acting together as a whole would be very beneficial under any possible crises. Duman Isareti provides distribution of any forms of information within your organization reliably in a fastest method.

Immediate notifications for all members of your organization

It is most likely difficult task to notify important events, messages and etc in a timely manner for large companies. Duman Isareti creates you a better gateway between your organization and employees than traditional printed announcements or company email services.



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"The fastest method for corporate companies. Begin to work on first day. Shorten distances. Enhance motivation. Save time."

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"It's too easy to catch the rhtym of communication age. Intagrate with Duman İşareti solutions."

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"Instant announcements for your networks. Put your announcement in to the header and all your employees and branches will know about it in seconds."

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More than one company and many employees… Save time and money with faster communication.

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Do your students use uncontrolled social media? What if they had your own safe social media?

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Branch Network

Lots of branches and loss of time and money due the inefficient communication? Can’t you inform them all instantly? Duman İşareti is the solution.

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